Gratitude is what l feel, when l reflect on my life. Life really is what you make of it. As the saying goes, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The best lemonade you can make of it . That's the CHOICE I made for my life. There is no point in passing on responsibility for others to make your life happy. If you are willing to put in the work, and make changes for your life, people will show up to support you. One thing for sure is that, change will never 'walk' to you, you have to be willing to go get it ! You do your part and the universe will do it's part. " If you don't like your life, do it differently" ~
Against all odds, l made strides to go for my dreams. I always wanted to be an artist, make a difference and encourage others. I soon learnt when l dropped out of school that l was not going to achieve this without an education. I needed 5 GCSEs to go to Art School, including English and Maths. So l did that, while pregnant. Had several achievements while studying, Juniour artist, Best improved student of the year, hit the ground running with my first job after my national diploma in textile design, as a Supervisor and design specialist in one of Zimbabwe' for most Textile companies, had a major exhibition in Zimbabwe before moving to the UK, Single mum, studied, artist, leave to remain issues, caravan, work, failed relationships, education on relationships, loss, New York expereience , Lewes .
What If, l never wanted to live a what if life, l knew what l wanted and nothing was going to stop me. I always chose to focus on, what if l made it ? What if l just took the plunge and go for it? I never saw New York coming for me, but it did, while l was 'muddling' along, just doing what l do best and just being me !. And now it's up to me, what l do with the experience.